Alec su ruby lin dating

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After the popular broadcast of the drama, Ruby and Wallace’s pairing was well received.

Taiwan artiste Ruby Lin has broken another's heart by announcing her relationship with Wallace Huo – or a promise, at least.

Since 2010, Lin has been producing TV dramas and TV films starring herself, both in mainland China and Taiwan.

Her production debut The Glamorous Imperial Concubine (2011) won her Best Producer at the 2012 TV Drama Awards Made in China, and her first Taiwanese drama production The Way We Were (2014) won three out of seven nominations, including Best Television Series at the 50th Golden Bell Awards.

This is one short maternity leave but knowing workaholic Ruby Lin I’m not surprised in the least.

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Recently, from many sources, it is found that Alec Su's manager Amy Chen has been doing much of Ruby Lin's work and is very likely her new manager.

However, Ruby was involved in another relationship at the time.

Tabloids claimed that Ruby and Wallace started dating in 2009, after Ruby ended her previous romance.

According to Jaynestars, 40-year-old Ruby Lin and 42-year-old Alec Su grew to be close friends after working on 'Princess Pearl' together.

Through the years, the two friends have referred to each other as “super good friends”, and have even made a promise to that should they still be unwed by 40, they would marry each other.

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